Dryer Vent Cleaning

Champion performs both interior and exterior dryer vent cleaning on townhomes, low-rise and high-rise buildings.

Interior Cleaning

High-pressure air is blown through the lint trap, pushing lint through the dryer's flex hose and into the duct system while simultaneously cleaning the dryer's internal fan. This returns both the dryer and rear dryer vent to their optimal working condition. If requested, the booster fan will be inspected and/or cleaned at this point.

Exterior Cleaning

A reverse-blowing compressed air tool is used to loosen and pull dryer lint and debris forward (toward the exterior of the building). No lint enters the dryer or residence during this process.

Booster Fan Installation / Replacement

The booster fans' pressure switch monitors dryer operation and will activate the fan when the dryer comes on. This helps to prevent lint accumulation and a build-up of moisture within the dryer duct over time and keeps dryers operating efficiently.